Bernese Mountain Dog Husky Mix

Bernese Mountain Dog Husky Mix

A beautiful and playful dog breed is Berner Husky. This dog is a mixed breed of Bernese Mountain Dog and Siberian Husky. They are very playful and a good companion for a family or any individual. Their appearance can make you feel good as they can be your loyal friend. This dog is also known as Bernese Mountain Dog Husky Mix.

  • Other Name : Bernsky
  • Lifespan : 12 – 15 Years
  • Height : 20 – 24 Inches
  • Weight : 50 – 100 lbs
  • Eye Color : Blue , Brown


The dog has an amazing look as both parents are beautiful, especially Siberian Husky which is the most beautiful dog I must say. Bernese Mountain Dog Husky Mix is a dog with a thick coat that is in different beautiful colors. Its size is normal neither is not so big or not so small. Berner Husky is having a strong body that makes this dog perfect.


Bernese Mountain Dog Husky Mix is a very kind and playful dog. This mix breed is kind of like Bernese Mountain Dog and it’s very friendly or playful like Siberian Husky. This dog is perfect for kids, families, or any individual. A pet is full of energy and loves to play. It can be your best and most loyal friend.

Play and Exercise

The Bernese Mountain Dog Husky Mix is an active dog as this dog is full of energy. You need to play with them or go for a walk with them so that makes them more active and happy. Keeping them active is necessary so let them walk and play. They like to find new things with the help of the sense of smell they have. You can also play hide and seek with this dog or play fetch games.

Learning and Intelligence

As both parents of this breed are smart and intelligent. Berner Husky is super smart and loves to learn new things and this dog is also a fast learner so it would be fun teaching them new things. It would make them happy and active. Sometimes they can get stubborn but you can use some gentle methods to make them polite and make your dog a good student.

Grooming and Care

As Burner Husky is having a double coat so they need brushing a fur at least twice a week. This can make their fur nice and they will look more beautiful. It’s necessary to care about their nails, teeth, and ears so they will feel happy and active. As human needs love the same as they also need love so show your love to your pet so it makes them more comfortable and happy.

Tips For Being Healthy

Like every pet or dog, Bernese Mountain Dog Husky Mix is also have some health issues. They have joint issues sometimes due to their size and having eye issues from the parent husky side so for keeping your pet healthy, visit your vet regularly or once a week. Make sure, the food is healthy and good especially don’t let them gain weight. It will affect their joints. Go for a walk regularly and play with your pet to make them active. These are some small tips that can help your pet to be happy and active.


Bernese Mountain Dog Husky Mix is having the best qualities of their parents. They look amazing and they are friendly and smart. If you play with them and teach them well and take care of them then this dog will become your most friendly pet. Berner Husky is a friendly and active dog. This dog loves to play and loves to learn new things as this breed is very intelligent so you must welcome this loyal pet to your home and make them your family member. 

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